International Dog Show in Kielce


Kielce, 24-25-26. XI. 2017

Important informations for exhibitors:

  1. Obligatory veterinary reception of dogs: at the entrance (required anti-rabies vaccination certificate).
  2. Dogs not entered in the show may not be brought into the show area.
  3. During the show dogs must be under the care of their exhibitors.
  4. Exhibitors are personally responsible for all damage caused by their dogs.
  5. Exhibitors are obliged to present their dogs for judging at the appropriate times and rings according to the programme given in the catalogue. Otherwise dogs will not be judged.
  6. At the show area and the surrounding areas the sale of puppies is absolutely forbidden.
  7. At the "Targi Kielce" must clean up after their dogs and use the designated "Dogs Toilet".
  8. At the show area there are at disposal paid parking places.

Plan of judging
Final competitions

Attention, changes among list of judges !!!

Dear exhibitors, from the reasons beyond the control of organiser, judge Moa Persson (SE) and Jose Miguel Doval Sanchez (ES) will not be able to attend International Dog Show in Kielce 2017. Detailed changes are included in the individual plan of judging.

Plan of judging


Plan of judging


Plan of judging



Foreign exhibitors


    ENTRY FORM:  to 20.X.2017 extended until day 2.XI.2017

    PAYMENTS:  to 22.X.2017 extended until day 3.XI.2017 (the date on the impact on the organizer's account and not the date of the transfer).

    CHANGES OF A SELECTED CLASS:  to 22.X.2017 extended until day 31.X.2017



    First dog (with catalogue) 50 € 100 € 135 €
    Each succeeding dog (the same owner) (1) (without catalogue) 45 € 90 € 120 €
    Interchampion in champion class (without catalogue) 40 € 80 € 120 €
    Minor puppy (without catalogue) 30 € 60 € 90 €
    Puppy (without catalogue) 30 € 60 € 90 €
    Veteran (without catalogue) 30 € 60 € 90 €
    Breeding Couple (without catalogue) 30 € 60 € 90 €
    Breeding Group (without catalogue) 30 € 60 € 90 €
    Junior Handling (without catalogue) 20 € 40 € 60 €
    Polish Hunting Spaniel (4) (without catalogue) free free free

Attention !!!

  1. Payment "Each succeeding dog" - means that dog belongs to the same owner (or owners) as first dog. Otherwise the fee is charged as a first dog and not being reduced.
  2. Every entry of a dog is a subject of a payment regardless of it’s presence or absence in a ring while judging.
  3. Payment after deadline 70 Euro (regardless of the class and the number of reported dogs).
  4. The Polish Hunting Spaniel not payment provided that participates in the exhibition. Otherwise the fee is 70 euro for each dog (male/female).
  5. Changes of a selected class or withdrawal of entry is only possible till day:
    20.X.2017 - withdrawal of entry
    22.X.2017 - changes of a selected class - extended until day 31.X.2017

Payments - Bank account:

    Payee: ZKwP Oddział Kielce, ul. Śląska 10, 25-328 Kielce
    Account number:  SWIFT: INGBPLPW
    IBAN: PL 73 1050 1416 1000 0090 8002 3865
    Payment Title: owners dog data: name, surname, city, no. Entry form, (eg. John Newton, Paris, 200/234)

    Attention !!!
    Foreign exhibitors, please note that in case of money transfer you should also calculate the bank transfer costs. Polish Kennel Club Branch Kielce cannot be charged for Your bank transaction, so please learn about bank restrictions and summarize all costs including charge for money transfer. Only entries with the total payment will be accepted.

formularz zgłoszeniowy / entry form

Entrace tickets, parking, location


Parking fees - 30 PLN

Entrance tickets

A normal ticket - 12 PLN
A reduced ticket - 6 PLN


  • Entrance to the parking "Targi Kielce": gate 3 and 6 (from 8.00)
  • Pedestrian entry for exhibitors: only "Entry Eastern" from the street "Zakładowa" (from 8.00)
  • Multi-storey car park available only to visitors (from 9.45)
  • PRZESTRZEGAMY przed fałszywymi parkingowymi, którzy nakłaniają do parkowania w miejscach innych niż przy halach wystawowych. To nie są pracownicy Targów Kielce i ZKwP Kielce, a tereny poza obszarem Targów nie należą do Targów Kielce. Każdy kto zdecyduje się pozostawić tam swój pojazd robi to wyłącznie na własne ryzyko.

  • bramy wjazdowe
    Targi Kielce
    Targi Kielce

    Information for car travelers

    50° 53’ 56,47" N
    20° 35’ 20,57" E

    Zakładowa 1, 25-672 Kielce

    Information for traveling by public transport

      25 - bus station: Targi Kielce
      110 - bus station: Zakładowa
      36, 37, 54, 112 bus station: Batalionów Chłopskich III
      9, 32 - bus station: Łódzka/Przęsłowa

    Bus timetables
    ZTM Kielce

    Adverisment in the catalog

    Black and white inside the catalog:

    whole page: 200 PLN
    half page: 100 PLN

    Color cover (from inside):

    whole page: 400 PLN
    half page: 200 PLN

    Color advertising available in limited quantity - please send us an email about availability when sending your color advertisement!

    Ad Format:
    whole page (A-5) = 115 x 178 mm
    Half page (A-6) = 115 x 87 mm.

    File format:
    PDF, JPEG, CDR, TIFF (min. 300 dpi)

    Sending advertisements:
    na email: with the note "advertising"
    until: 2.XI.2017
    Advertising not paid until 2.XI.2017 will be rejected!

    Reklama w katalogu


      ZKwP Oddział Kielce, ul. Śląska 10, 25-328 Kielce

      Account number:
      IBAN: PL 73 1050 1416 1000 0090 8002 3865

      Payment Title:

    Accompanying events


    The competition is organized for two separate cathegories of age: children and adults. The Sabat Show is about selecting the winners of the most accurate, and/or the most amusing disguise of the witch , demon, or the devil. Competition is designed not only for the owners but also for their dogs!

    The competition will be held for three days (on Friday, Saturday and Sunday) - each day a separate competition and separate awards.

    We invite you to take part in THE SABAT SHOW in the Main Ring at 2.00 pm every day!

    Hoping you will have a great fun :)


    Patrolling-tracking dogs are the most numerous group of animals supporting the work of police officers. Their duties are primarily patrolling, but they are also used for law enforcement activities at mass events and gatherings, land searches, chase, ambushes, criminal offenses, and the detection of explosives or drugs.

    By the courtesy of police officers of Kielce Police you will be able to see incredible demonstration of obedience, overcoming obstacles, attack on the sleeve of a trainer and other abilities of Police’s perfectly trained dogs on Sunday 26 November 2017.

    You're very welcome join us and watch the show.


    „Four-legged on start”, is a show of dog sports with the participation of the Agility De Luks group from Wrocław, Poland.

    Dogs taking part in this show attract crowds of the audience and are a great complement to the Kielce’s International Dog Show event. The diversity and catchiness of the show program provides many sensations for both adults and children who may also be involved in part of the show called: “Two-legged on Start!”.

    The show is fun, teaches and convince how pleasantly you may spend time with your dog teaching him or her obedience, dog tricks and agility on the obstacle course.

    We invite you to participate in the show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


    Sport obedience is a great way for the owner to have fun and build a great bond with his/hers dog. Exercises are performed with incredible accuracy, speed and energy, and huge dispersion is usually part of the show. Such an events show strong emotional relationships between the dog and owner.
    At the show in Kielce, on Saturday and Sunday, you will be able to watch:

    AGNIESZKA LESZCZYŃSKA together with her dog Gandi Frambos, Poland's three-time Champion on FMBB (2014-Finlandia, 2015-Czech Republic, 2016-France), Poland's representative to FCI 2015-Italy, FMBB 2016 World Champion, Polish Champion 2013.

    SYLWIA SZUGZDA with Hajda Killing Machine, Poland's three-time representative on FMBB Champion (2015-Czech Republic, 2016-France, 2017-Germany), 2nd place winner on FMBB 2015, I-VICE World FMBB 2017, two-time finalist of the Obedience FCI World Championship 2016- Russia, 2017-Belgium).


    During the three days of the International Dog Show in Kielce (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), the DOGadanka Foundation invites everyone for:
    1. Safe dog-human relation workshop,
    2. Workshop of a young trainer - how to work with a dog,
    3. Magic tricks – show of the dog’s skills,
    4. Children's games with a dog.

    The "DOGadanka" Foundation is an organization supporting children with developmental disabilities through multi-profile therapies, which are integral with fun. The DOGadanka Foundation conducts therapeutic and kynoeducational activities - these are prophylactic programs associated with therapeutic dogs and aim to show the correct behavior and actions to these children.
    We cordially invite all children to participate in very interesting and educational workshops :)



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